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Qassim Sulaimani
Qassim Sulaimani

DAILYNEWS - The president of the United States (US), Donald Trump on Monday defended himself over his decision ordering the assassination of General Qassim Sulaimani. According to him, what was done was correct because of the horrible actions of Iran in the past.

Trump claimed the existence of "imminent threats" against four U.S. embassy that is not specified is part of the reason to launch a drone attack that killed Sulaimani. On Sunday, U.S. secretary of Defense Mark Esper said he did not know strong evidence about a plan of attack.

Trump said that it was to respond to criticism that he was careless in ordering the assassination of Commander of the Army of the Iranian revolutionary Guard is. Trump reiterated that there will be threats that will happen soon.

"The Media False News and partners of the Democrat they are working hard to determine whether future attacks by terrorists Sulaimani is near not, and whether my team agreed. The answer to both is very TRUE," kicaunya reported by the Times of Israel, Friday (14/1).

However, he added, "it's not too important because the past is terrible!"

Trump also describe his opponent, Democratic as a stooge of Iran and meretweet meme two top leaders of the Democrats using the clothes of the muslim background of the Iranian flag.

Trump also mocked the leadership of the Senate from Democrats, Chuck Summer and house speaker Nancy Pelosi because criticized related commands kill Sulaimani.

Last week, in the presidential Election campaign, Trump said Pelosi and members of the other Democrats can't be trusted about confidential information related to the murder of Sulaimani. The murder of Sulaimani International Airport in Baghdad, Iraq on 3 January sparked fears endless war in the region, despite a decline ekskalasi in the last few days.

Trump insisted Sulaimani should be killed to prevent the threat of attacks against four U.S. embassy. As Commander of the Army of Al Quds revolutionary Guard, Sulaimani responsible for operating Iran in the Middle East and around the world.

In cuitannya on Monday, Trump claimed the Democrats and what he called media "False News" middle "trying to make the terrorists Sulaimani become a great man, just because I'm doing what should be done for 20 years."
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