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Twitter is a worldwide distraction
DAILYNEWS SAN FRANCISCO: Some views on Twitter have been deleted today, the company said, with users from Japan to the United States reporting they were unable to sign in, use mobile applications or view direct messages.
“We have had Twitter and TweetDeck interruptions.
“You may have trouble tweeting, getting notifications, or viewing messages.
"We are working to improve it and services will resume as usual," the social media giant said in a statement without further details on the cause of the disruption.
The monitoring site reported that it received more than 3,200 complaints across six continents today, with users in the US, United Kingdom and India among the worst affected.
Nearly half of those who reported harassment said that mobile applications did not work, with 25 percent saying the entire site was deleted.
The TweetDeck website dashboard function allows users to monitor multiple accounts simultaneously and is very popular among journalists.
The popularity of billions of dollars worth of platforms has been increasing over the years.
The only display of 160 words was President Donald Trump's favorite, as he frequently used the platform to denounce his political challenger, announcing a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un or trade tariffs on China.
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