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Student Stories Joining Demo, Influenced by Social Issues and Not Understanding the Content of Demands
Photo: Hambali
DAILYNEWS Hundreds of students and alumni from the Middle School of Engineering (STM) or equivalent are secured by the police from a number of points in the City of South Tangerang (Tangsel).
They were secured because they planned to leave for the demonstration at the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta. Some will go to the location by riding the Electric Train (KRL), while others are riding in passing trucks.
But their efforts failed, the police managed to intercept him. Next students from several areas were transported and taken to the Serpong Police Headquarters to be recorded.
The total temporary number secured was 84 students from various schools in South Tangerang and Bogor. Then there are also 34 teenagers who are alumni and drop out of school. The police then searched the contents of the bag and the equipment they were carrying.
Okezone successfully interviewed several students and alumni who were secured by the officers. One of them initials M (18), from a school in the Gunung Sindur area, Bogor. He innocently said, did not know what the purpose of the demonstration to Jakarta with his colleagues.
(Photo: Hambali / Okezone)
"I don't really know about the demands of the demonstration, I just joined in because the groups (medsos) are busy, he said there will be a joint action of students and students today. , so I joined in too, "he said as he curled up in the Serpong Mapolsek page, Monday (09/30/2019) night.
Same is the case with teenagers with the initial F (18), who is an alumni of STM Sasmita Pamulang. Tattooed teen said that if the plan to go to Jakarta was purely spontaneous without anyone coordinating. Pride and turmoil wanted to appear to be a strong reason he went with his friends.
"Just join in, because in the group (social media) there is info about going to the demo in Jakarta. Now it's too bad," he said in the same location.
Likewise, a confession from a junior high school student with the initials A (14), he claimed to intend to go to Jakarta because his friends invited him to play, not demonstrate. After school hours, he then joins friends from other schools to Rawa Buntu Station, Serpong.
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