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Papuan students Jabodetabek Deklasrasi Peace And Calls Papua is Indonesia
DAILYNEWS Association of university students in Jabodetabek invites students Papua Papua declaration of peace that aims to create a peaceful situation in Indonesia and states' Papua is Indonesia "in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), East Jakarta, Friday (4/10) ,
An alumna of the student union Papua (IMASEPA), Mudin Lalobo the meeting delivered five points.
Here are the five points presented:
First , we combined Jabotabek Papuan students cling to the position of society and the state.
Secondly , we will keep the peace and brotherhood among the people of the nation and state.
Thirdly , we urge people in Wamena and about mutual nurturing, loving and protective
Fourth , we condemn the act of burning and violate human rights by irresponsible elements
Fifth , we encourage all students of Papua and West Papua, wherever they may be to preserve traditional values and Unity in Diversity for maintaining the unity of Indonesia.
"We hope that the people of Papua is selecting the information available, and not easy to believe the hoax (hoaks)," said Mudin.
He explained that the peace-loving people of Papua. According to him, if there is unrest and splits the cause is a person irresponsible
They called for peace for their homeland, Earth Cenderawasih the latter situation is heated to thousands of people displaced from Wamena, Papua.
As a form of nationalism, a dozen students have participated Papua sing Indonesia Raya as a form of unity.
Chairman of the Student Association Kaimana (Himaka), Moytuer Boymasa said it apologized to the immigrant population in Papua are among the victims.
He hoped that the problems in Papua can be completed.
He believes, kericujan in Wamena and Jayapura is absolutely no positive impact but only causing casualties and material damage.
"We are from Kaimana Students who study in Jabodetabek apologized on our brothers, especially immigrants who become victims. Hopefully this is all over with, "he added.
Moytuer added now in Wamena condition has improved.
Even so, he still asked the government and the police continued synergies so that similar incidents do not recur.
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