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Ending Peace, SI BEM Call the Action As a Form of Solidarity
Students when holding a follow-up action on Jalan Ladokgi towards the House of Representatives on Tuesday 
DAILYNEWS The demonstration of the All Indonesian Student Executive Board ( BEM SI ) under the flyover or ladokgi flyover on Jalan Gatot Subroto towards the DPR building ended peacefully. The action is considered a form of solidarity.
BEM SI action center coordinator Muhammad Nurdiansyah said the solidarity action was aimed at two students in Kendari who were killed because of the demonstration. According to him, they had died on the battlefield.
"Solidarity action, this is a form of our condolences to our friends who have died in Kendari, namely brothers Yusuf and Randy," said Nurdiansyah at the location of the action, Tuesday (10/10/2019).
Besides considering it as an act of solidarity, Nurdiansyah also called the action a form of condemnation of the police. He suspects the police as the mastermind of the deaths of Yusuf and Randy.
"We condemned the authorities who shot our colleague in Kendari yesterday," he explained.
According to him the authorities do not need to use violence in handling demonstrations. The students who carried out the demonstration, he said, did not carry any weapons and were only armed with demands.
"We also urge the authorities, especially the National Police Chief to feel more humane," he concluded.
The action ended peacefully without violence. Although they were only allowed to hold actions in locations far from the DPR building, the student-dominated mass continued to demonstrate.
They also held a theatrical action and various speeches. The police along with the TNI also helped secure the action.
Since the demonstration was held last week, seven points have been the demands of the mass action. Among them are rejecting the RKUHP, the Minerba Mining Bill, the Land Bill, the Penitentiary Bill and the Manpower Bill. Then urge the cancellation of the KPK Law and the SDA Law. The masses also demanded that the PKS Bill and the Domestic Workers Protection Bill.
In addition, the elected KPK leadership was also asked to be canceled because it was considered a problem. The TNI and Polri were also asked not to occupy civilian positions.
The masses are pushing for an end to the criminalization of activists. There are also demands regarding forest and land fire in some areas. Forest burners are requested to be immediately criminalized and revoked permits.
Regarding humanity, the masses demanded that human rights violations be resolved, violators from the sphere of officials be dealt with and victims' rights restored.
Another demand that arose was the matter of a request for a thorough investigation of two students who had died in Makassar because they were participating in a demonstration.
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