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Construction Worker Killed in Wamena, Papua
DAILYNEWS Jakarta - A resident was killed in Wamena, Papua, on Saturday, October 12. He was stabbed in the abdomen.
"That's right, one person passed away," said information head of military Kodam XVII/Cendrawasih Lit. Col. CPL Eko Daryanto through a text message today, October 12.
Based on the circulating report, the victim named Deri Datu Padang (30) who was known to be from Toraja, South Sulawesi. He sustained a stab wound in his right abdomen.
The incident started when six construction workers were on their way home. Deri was stabbed by two unknown people in front of the Woma bridge.
Deri was rushed to Wamena hospital for a treatment but not long after, he died.
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