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Allegedly Violating Procedure, Male Executioner Whip Convicted Woman?
The execution of the execution of the whip of the convicted khalwat
DAILYNEWS The execution of the execution of the whip of the convicted khalwat (mesum) with the initial N binti B in the courtyard of Sultan Jeumpa Great Mosque, Bireuen, Friday (4/10/2019), allegedly violates the applicable procedures.
The problem is, the jallad (executioner) who was tasked with whipping the female convict was allegedly a man.
In fact, according to the rules, the execution of a female whip convict was carried out by a female jallad. Likewise with male convicts, committed by male jallad.
This was revealed by the attorney of convict N binti B, Muhammad Ari Syahputra, SH to reporters, after the execution of the caning sentence.
He said he did not question the execution of the caning of his client. Moreover, an appeal has been issued from the Supreme Court which states, N was found guilty and had to undergo a whip sentence eight times. Although the convict himself is still making legal remedies again, through the Judicial Review (PK) to the Supreme Court.
However, in this case what Ari Syahputra questioned was the execution of the sentence against the convicted person, he judged it was not according to the applicable procedure. This has hurt his client.
"Indeed, the jallad wears a veil. However, his posture and gait can be clearly identified, he is male. Likewise his voice that said "ready!" When answering on the cue of the executor. It's clearly heard that a man's voice, not a woman's voice, "said Ari Syahputra.
Supposedly, according to Ari, the execution of the whip should be guided by the Regulation of the Governor of Aceh Number 5 of 2018 concerning the implementation of the jinayat procedural law in article 48 paragraph (2).
"It is clearly stated there, the whipping of female convicts was carried out by female Jallad and male convicts were carried out by male Jallad," explained Ari.
Related to this, the Head of the Pidum Attorney General's Office (Kejari) Bireuen, Teuku Hendra Gunawan, SH., MH, who was confirmed by reporters after the execution of the caning sentence, stated, he did not know whether the executioner was male or female. He reasoned, it was only as the executor of the whip execution.
"If you want to prove whether the executioner is male or female, just look there. But, the executioner's identity was kept a secret, "explained Teuku Hendra.
While the civil service police officers and Wilayatul Hisbah (Satpol PP and WH) of Bireuen Regency, Jamaluddin, SP who were contacted by cell phone a few moments later, did not answer the incoming call.
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