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Action Participants Treated on Atma Jaya Campus Have Returned Home
The police tried to establish a dialogue with protesters who rejected the revised KPK Law and the Criminal Code Bill in the area near the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (09/30/2019). (BETWEEN PHOTOS / Akbar Nugroho Gumay)
DAILYNEWS Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Participants who received medical treatment at Atma Jaya Catholic University , Jakarta, have left the location after being confirmed to be recovered and allowed to go home.

Medical team from Atmajaya University group Felicita Anindhita said that they handled around 50 participants who suffered injuries and health problems due to tear gas shots. The medical team consisted of two Atmajaya University students and three people from other campuses.

"From the beginning there were probably more than 50 people. (Mostly because) Tear gas and cuts, sprains," said the intimate woman called Dhita when met at Atmajaya Catholic University, Jakarta, Monday (9/30) ) night.

Dhita said that the medical team actually opened a post under the semanggi interchange. However, after a tear gas shot by the police, the location of the medical treatment shifted to the Atmajaya Catholic University Sport Hall.

In handling the participants of the action, the team was also assisted by a medical team from outside parties including the Street Medical. 
And, said Dhita, the police several times also fired tear gas into the campus.

"Actually, we open a post under the semanggi interchange; a shadow post. Below, there are parks, Semanggi Park," he said.

"In the end all the medics entered here," he continued.

At the time of writing, the conditions surrounding the Atma Jaya Catholic University were no longer a police force. 
However, tear gas in front of the campus is still felt in the streets around the campus.

While Atmajaya University students were asked to leave campus by one of the security. Based on the security confession, the police will comb the campus to monitor conditions and situations.

Even so, there were still a number of students gathered around the Atmajaya Catholic University campus.

The traffic flow is smooth and can be passed by two and four-wheeled vehicles from all directions.
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