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Salmanudin Yazid Al Hafidz
Salmanudin Yazid Al Hafidz
DAILYNEWS The Chairperson of the Nahdatul Ulama (NU) of Jombang Regency, Salmanudin Yazid Al Hafidz asked the government to act decisively and precisely in the matter of 
The man who is usually called Gus Salman said, in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) there were no opportunities in conducting a referendum, including in Papua.
Men born on October 9, 1967 assess issues and demonstrations in various places, including in front of the Palace that raised the Morning Star flag last time is the result of provocation from various parties who do not like the unity of Indonesia.
"It has to do with provocation. Whether it's from outside and (inside) parties," he added.
This Alumni of Islamic Boarding School Madrasatul Qur'an Tebuireng believes that in reducing this matter the central government can emphasize in the legal channels for the groups that provoke it.
"The law is enforced, the anarchists are dealt with by law," he said.
However, he advised all students, especially those from NU, not to make a counter demonstration to make the situation even more conducive.
"These issues indeed arise every year. For NU students wherever they are, there must not be a counter demonstration," he explained.
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