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Recalls Sang Eyang, grandson of BJ Habibie: This is like a nightmare
BJ Habibie and the grandchild
DAILYNEWS  -  Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie died on Wednesday 11 September 2019. Grief also covered Habibie's extended family. 
One of Habibie's grandchildren, Farrah Azizah Habibie, from his first child, Tareq Kemal Habibie, expressed his mistrust that had left him forever. Farrah remembers being together with his grandfather on Instagram. 
In his upload, Farrah felt that the grandparent was still at his residence in Kuningan and would meet the grandparent when he visited Habibie's residence .
Honestly, this incident seems unreal. This is like a bad dream. I feel grandparents are still in Kuningan and I will see grandparents when visiting there. No one would have thought grandparents would leave this quickly," Farrah said. 
In the upload, Farrah described her sweet memories with her grandfather. Starting from swimming with Farhan every Sunday at Habibie's residence. To accompany Habibie shopping because grandparent wants to eat crystal meth at home with family members. 
"Or memories when listening to music in the car while laughing at that time. From my childhood, I and Farhan were always told to accompany Grandfather everywhere, and I wouldn't take any of it back. Looking back, only happy memories comes to mind , " he said.
Farrah explained even though he had not met with Habibie in person. But Habibie always revealed how proud Habibie was about Farrah.  
"Every time we meet, grandparents always say Eyang is proud of me. Eyang always expresses that just by seeing us laughing and playing is enough to make grandparents happy. Whenever we come to see grandparents, grandparents always sparkle. Eyang is so precious in my life. It feels like yesterday When I met my grandfather, what my grandmother said was how beautiful I was, until I was very embarrassed and could only laugh, " wrote Farrah.
In the upload, Farrah also mentioned Habibie always supported him and always convinced Farrah for everything he wanted to achieve. 
"I have many things to say but I baseball know how to say it. The heart I'm sad grandparent. I'm sad grandparent go, but I know this is not a farewell. Now grandparent's been with grandparent daughter, please say hello to grandparent daughter," said Farrah . 
Farrah hopes Habibie can meet him in a dream. He promised to always make him proud.
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