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Police Investigate Videos of the Aceh Darussalam Army that Spread Ultimatum
Photo Amaran PKAD / AM and TIAD [Facebook / Yahdi Ilar Rusydi Smh]
DAILYNEWS Police Investigate Videos of Aceh Darussalam Army Calls on Expulsions on Non-Aceh Residents
Current police officers are investigating the video of the Atjeh Darussalam / Atjeh Merdeka Independence Liberation group (PKAD / AM) and the Atjeh Darussalam Islamic Teuntra (TIAD) circulating on social media.
In the video, a man gave a statement that Acehnese residents from outside the area were asked to immediately leave the province on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra.
"Still under investigation," said Head of the Public Relations Division of the Aceh Regional Police Commissioner Ery Apriyono through a short message to , Thursday (9/19/2019).
Through a video uploaded to Facebook account of Yahdi Ilar Rusydi Smh, Tuesday (09/17/2019), the man spoke in front of the camera, revealing his orders.
To his left and right, stood five men who covered his face using a turban and sunglasses.
The man ordered residents from outside Aceh to immediately leave for a while, but were given the opportunity to get ready until the deadline of December 4, 2019.
The reason was that they wanted to solve the problem in Aceh without the intervention of people from outside Aceh.
PKAD / AM and TIAD even threatened people who did not obey their orders. The following is a complete transcript of the words from the group's representatives on the video:
"Today coincides with 18 Muharram, as a nation that has cultural and ethical customs in the state, so we, the people of Aceh Darussalam, call on all the nations in Aceh Darussalam today to get out of Aceh Darussalam other than the people of Aceh Darussalam.
We feel that we are not the people of Aceh Darussalam for a while to get out of our country because we want to resolve the problems of our nation to establish the law of God on the land of Aceh, the Veranda of Mecca.
Therefore we, on behalf of the PKAD / AM Liberation of Aceh Darussalam / Aceh Merdeka and TIAD, the Aceh Darussalam Islamic Army , call on all nations other than the people of Aceh Darussalam to temporarily leave Aceh Darussalam.We give a maximum grace period of 4 December 2019, and if on that date people who do not have an interest in or relating to Aceh Darussalam do not leave, then don't blame us for taking action against people who are not interested in Aceh Darussalam.
If the case concerning Aceh Darussalam has been completed, we invite the other nations to re-enter Aceh Darussalam, bearing in mind that this will determine everything, especially regarding the sovereignty of Aceh Darussalam. We do not want other nations to interfere in the settlement of our sovereign rights in Aceh Darussalam."
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