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Jokowi Cancel to Meet BEM Across Indonesia
State Minister Pratikno announced Acting Menpora in the Bogor Palace, West Java
DAILYNEWS President Jokowi is scheduled to meet representatives of the All Indonesian Student Executive Board (BEM SI) on Friday (27/9).

However, this has not been realized because BEM All over Indonesia requested that the meeting be held openly and be publicly visible.
State Minister Pratikno explained, until now Jokowi has not had a schedule to meet BEM.
"There is no schedule yet, there is no schedule yet. There will indeed be a number of meetings later this afternoon. But with BEM there is not yet," Pratikno said after Friday prayers at the Presidential Palace Complex, Friday (9/27).
Pratikno was reluctant to elaborate on why the BEM SI meeting with Jokowi was frustrated.
"His name is planned, it could be delayed. So there is no schedule yet," Pratikno said.
"In the afternoon the President will have several guests, so the schedule has not been set," he continued.
BEM SI is a collection of a number of BEM of university campuses in Indonesia, including UNJ, ITB, IPB, UGM, Unsoed, UI, Trisakti, and others. The meeting with Jokowi was originally held at the Palace today.
The meeting plan was delivered by Jokowi on Thursday (9/26).
"Tomorrow we will meet with students. Mainly BEM," Jokowi said at the Merdeka Palace.
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