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How the Barça players get fed
DAILYNEWS - The idea behind the Pros Behind The Pros mini-series of four episodes, produced by Beko in partnership with FC Barcelona through its Barça Studios, the first part of which is being premiered today, is to offer a different perspective of the work done by the different professionals that work for the first team and whose efforts do so much to improve the performance of the players on the pitch.

The series follows the everyday lives of a wide range of professionals that the general public rarely get to see, including the team of nutritionists and chefs who make sure the players eat properly, the kit men, and the coaching staff who do so much to look after the players’ fitness and health. 
The first episode of the mini-series is being launched today, and can be viewed on the main channels of both Barça and Beko, FC Barcelona Main Partner and Training Partner.
The first chapter is called Fuelling Barça,  where fans get to meet chef Adrià Ponce and the Menu Lead Marta Miguel, as well as doctor and nutritionist Toña Lizarraga, who tells us how they plan for the preseason together with the players to ensure that they all getting the right diet. We also learn how they deal with double training sessions, and the cameras follow their players on their summer tours to Japan and the United States.
 In the second episode, Training Days, the focus is on the workouts featuring Ernesto Valverde and his team at the Ciutat Esportiva and the job done by the professionals who are in charge of their fitness. We meet the coaches and the physios, who tell us all the details of the work they do and how it has a direct impact on the way the players perform. We get to see how exercises done in training translate into action on the field of play and watch the team playing in the Joan Gamper Match. This episode goes out on Thursday 26 September.
Dress for success is the title of the third episode, which is where we meet the kit men and learn how they get all the material ready for each training session without interrupting the players’ routines. This episode will be launched in 3 October.
The series ends with a chapter titled Who’s the next?, where the story focuses on the next generation of Barça heroes that are currently residing at La Masia. It examines the lives of players (boys and girls) of different ages throughout their day as they strive to emulate their heroes in the Barça first team. The final episode can be seen for the first time in October.
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