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Hong Kong protesters clash with riot police
A protester prepares to throw a Molotov cocktail near the government complex on Sunday [Tyrone Siu/Reuters]
DAILYNEWS Pro-democracy demonstrators fought running street battles with riot police on Sunday, the 15th weekend of mass protests demanding more autonomy from the central government in Beijing. 
Tens of thousands of people streamed down a six-lane roadway in downtown Hong Kong as police tried to repel the protesters with blue-dyed liquid fired from a water-cannon truck. Rubber-coated bullets, bean-bag rounds, and volleys of tear gas were also unleashed by security forces.
Demonstrators hurled petrol bombs into the government headquarters, torching another vehicle carrying a water cannon that was parked inside the fortified compound. At least one metro station went up in flames by arson and shops were also targeted.
Before the fiery confrontation broke out, peaceful marchers paced through downtown chanting "Stand with Hong Kong" along with their demands from the government.
A group flew American flags fronted by a banner that read: "President Trump, Please Liberate Hong Kong."
Others held up posters of a swastika composed of yellow stars mimicking those on the Chinese national flag, the new emblem dubbed #Chinazi by some protesters.
An hour into the march, police warned it was an unlawful assembly and ordered everyone to leave.
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