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Twitter logo in the London office
Twitter logo in the London office
DAILYNEWS The Minister of Communication and Information, Rudiantara said, until Monday, September 2, 2019 there were 555 thousand Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) used to disseminate false news related to the Papua riots Once identified, it is said that the most spread is on Twitter social media.
"From the original account (Twitter) that mentions there are more than 100 thousand. Among them are international ones, one of the highest IPs is in Europe," he said in Jakarta, Tuesday, September 3, 2019.
Rudiantara said, in Europe there were more than 20 countries that did mention . But the culprit himself is not necessarily a citizen of that. The man who is familiarly called the Chief RA did not want to mention in detail, but we can be sure there were indeed efforts to spread hoaks and provocation from outside Indonesia.
He also has not mentioned the most regions in Indonesia. Hoaks made from outside Indonesia are spread through Twitter, while domestically using short message media.
"The distribution varies, but the highest number was on August 30. At that time there were 75 thousand URLs in a day, some were hoaks, some were provocative," he said.
The government will immediately open internet access after the atmosphere is conducive. At present the stakeholders in the field are monitoring conditions in Papua. If deemed safe, access opening will be carried out in stages starting Thursday, September 5, 2019.

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