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Several people and police officers walked in front of a house that was set on fire by a group of people in the city of Sorong, West Papua
Several people and police officers walked in front of a house that was set on fire by a group of people in the city of Sorong, West Papua
DAILYNEWS "In general it is still gripping, still quiet. There are still blocking large roads, such as Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Ahmad Yani," reporters in Sorong City, West Papua Province, Olha Irianti told BBC News Indonesia, Tuesday (08/20) night .
He also witnessed "there was still burning of used tires by a group of people until around 19.30 East Indonesian Time (20.30 West Indonesia Time) and there were still masses gathering at certain points."
In addition, in general, the city of Sorong was reportedly "still paralyzed", because "most of the city's residents stopped their activities", he reported.
Journalist in Sorong, Olha Irianti also witnessed, Sorong Mayor Lambert Jitmau had a chance to meet with the masses, but was rejected by some of the demonstrators.
"They are not satisfied with the information of the mayor, and had time to throw it," said Olha. "So, the meeting was canceled."
There was also a reported riot in front of the mayor's office when police broke up the demonstration with tear gas and warning shots.
Some demonstrators had entered the civil registry office adjacent to the mayor's office and "had burned some of the documentation".

Why are there protests in Sorong aftershocks?

Mass protesters since Tuesday morning held a march to the Sorong mayor's office. This is a continued demonstration after they held Monday (19/08).
Alfo Reba, a student of STIKES Sorong, who was also involved in the demonstration, said they were holding a rally again because "until now we have not received concrete answers from President Jokowi himself on this issue (accusations of racism and violence against Papuan students in Java)," he said told BBC News Indonesia reporter Callistasia Wijaya on Tuesday.
He claimed, demonstrations in Sorong had paralyzed the city. "Almost the entire city of Sorong was paralyzed by roadblocks," Alfo said.
Alfo said the action would continue on Wednesday (21/08) by continuing to demand that the government take firm action against members of the TNI / Polri, which he said were "intimidating and discriminating against Papuan students".
Asked about the riots and acts of destruction in the demonstrations in Sorong on Monday and continued on Tuesday, Alfo said it happened because of "uncontrolled circumstances."

'More than 250 prisoners in Sorong prison run away'

In action on Monday, a number of people carried out destruction through throwing stones at public facilities at Sorong airport and burning vehicles. Even though it was reported that the flight schedule at the airport was back to normal, said Sorong City Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Mario Christy P Siregar.
On the same day, there was a riot in the Sorong City Penitentiary, West Papua, which was referred to as "a series of events in the security situation in West Papua which affected Sorong Prison," said the Head of Public Relations of the Directorate General of Corrections at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ade Kusmanto.
"There has been an arson and a break in the prison wall so that there is an escape (prisoners)," said Ade.
Sorong Prison is said to contain 547 inmates, and after the riots, there were 289 prisoners left and 258 escaped, according to the official statement of the Directorate General of Corrections at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.
"One prison officer was injured by a prisoner because he was blocking prisoners who forced him out of prison," Ade said.

'Additional troops to Sorong and Manokwari'

In Jakarta, the Head of the Public Information Bureau of the Police Public Relations Division Brigadier General (Pol) Dedi Prasetyo said the situation of Papua and West Papua in general was "already conducive".
"Right now (Tuesday) in Jayapura and Manokwari community activities are also going well," Dedi explained to reporters.
Dedi admitted that there were still protests in the city of Sorong, which was followed by "around 500 people".
Dedi said there were additional police personnel in Manokwari and Sorong, West Papua. This is to ensure the situation in the region runs safely and in an orderly manner.
"There are four Company Level Units (SSK) from the South Sulawesi Regional Police, North Sulawesi Regional Police and Maluku Regional Police, to Manokwari and two SSK to Sorong," he explained.
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