Protection Status

- North Korea today unveiled two unidentified weapons into the sea on the east coast, the latest test in a series of weapons launches by Pyongyang, the South Korean military said.
"The military is currently monitoring the movement in the North in anticipation of further tests," the Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) said in a statement.
The Blue House in South Korea in a statement said it would hold a National Security Council meeting following North Korea's latest weapons test.
The test came after Pyongyang issued words that offended US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday calling it 'toxic toxins'.
It follows the comment that the US will continue to impose 'toughest sanctions' on North Korea until the country exits all its nuclear programs.
Over the past few weeks, the nuclear-armed country has launched several near-missile tests in protest of the US-South Korea's annual military exercises that ended Tuesday.
A spokesman for the Japanese Defense Force said the weapons launched did not land in Japan nor in the Exclusive Economic Zone.
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