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Habib Rizieq
Habib Rizieq
DAILYNEWS Head of the Islamic Defenders Front,  Habib Rizieq Shihab  helped enliven the 21st FPI milad, which was held on Saturday, August 24, 2019 in the Rawabadak region, Koja, North Jakarta.
However, he was present through a  video conference  that aired during the millad. Rizieq's lawyer, Damai Hari Lubis said, his client would return with the help of investigators through legal channels. Rizieq also asked for prayer, so that steps taken to go home without government assistance can be realized.
"The High Priest of HRS requested that followers and sympathizers continue to help through legal and prayer channels, so that he could return to the country," Damai said, quoted from  DailyNews , Sunday, August 25, 2019.
Rizieq admitted being wronged by the Indonesian government at this time, so he had to spend 2.5 years in Saudi Arabia. However, he will not ask for a ban to be revoked.
"By God, I will not ask for help from the Indonesian tyrannical regime, let alone beg for a ban to unblock me in Saudi. I only demand the right to freedom in Indonesia, and as a human being I cannot be disturbed by anyone, "
Despite being banned, Rizieq revealed that he was happy living in Saudi Arabia. In fact, he claimed to be comfortable and calm living for 2.5 years there.
"I feel safe and comfortable, safe, calm and happy, even full of blessings. Not distress or difficulty, let alone suffering. In fact, happiness is full of pleasure, "he said.
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