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US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump

DAILYNEWS US President Donald Trump has canceled plans for a state visit to Denmark after Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Greenland was not for sale.
Trump is scheduled to visit on September 2, 2019 at the invitation of the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II.
Then last week Trump said the US was interested in buying Greenland, a special autonomous region under Denmark.
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the wish was "ridiculous" and hoped Trump was not serious when he stated it.
What happened?
While declaring Denmark a "very special country," Trump joked that he would not go to Denmark because Frederiksen was "not interested in discussing Greenland sales".
This cancellation has been confirmed by a White House spokesperson. The Danish kingdom has also confirmed that they have been notified of the cancellation.
The head of royal communications, Lene Balleby, told the BBC "this is certainly surprising", because a few hours before the cancellation, American Ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands said Denmark was ready to accept Trump.
He previously made sure he was interested in buying Greenland. "The main thing is buying and selling of large real estate," he said. Then on Monday (8/19) he posted photos of golden skyscrapers among small houses on the island of Greenland.
Greenland and Danish reaction
The idea of ​​buying Greenland was rejected by Greenland Chief Minister Kim Kielsen. "Greenland is not for sale. Greenland is open for trade and cooperation with other countries, including the United States," he said.
Former Danish PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen tweeted: "Surely this is joked by April Fool."
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Soren Espersen, told Danish broadcasting agency, DR,: "If he really believes that, this is proof that he is crazy."
Why is Greenland attractive to Trump?
Trump is reportedly interested in Greenland, partly because of his natural resources such as coal, zinc, copper and iron ore.
Even though it is rich in minerals, two-thirds of Greenland's budget comes from Denmark. Suicide rates and alcoholism and unemployment are also very high.
President Trump confirmed the news that he was interested in buying Greenland. - AFP
In addition, the New York Times reported that related to its location. The US has long seen the island as a direct route from Europe to the North American region.
They established a Thule airbase around the area that contained an early warning system for intercontinental missiles.
Trump's idea was expressed in line with China's increasing interest in the region. Last year the Chinese state-owned construction company announced plans to build an airport in Greenland - even though it was canceled in June this year.
Where is Greenland really?
Greenland is the largest island in the world, and is an autonomous part of Denmark. The island is located between the North Atlantic Sea and the Arctic Sea.
Its population is 56 thousand people, concentrated in the coastal area. As many as 90 percent are indigenous Greenland, Inuit. They have limited government and parliamentary authority.
More than 80 percent of the island is covered with snow and is feared to melt because of global warming. This disbursement has opened access to mineral resources on the island.
But this thawing is also suspected of opening up nuclear waste left behind by several US military locations during the Cold War.
Has the US ever tried to buy Greenland before?
The idea of ​​buying Greenland first appeared in the 1860s under President Andrew Johnson.
In 1867, Greenland was declared a strategic location, and rich in natural resources, making it ideal to buy.
However, there were no official steps, until 1946, when US President Harry Truman offered US $ 100 million to buy the region.
AP news agency had reported, Truman also had thought about the possibility of swapping Alaska with a strategic part of Greenland.
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