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Block 210 YouTube Channels, This Is Google's Reason.
Block 210 YouTube Channels, This Is Google's Reason.
DAILYNEWS United States technology giant, Google, announced the YouTube video streaming service has disabled its 210 channels on Thursday (08/24/2019).
Reporting from Reuters , hundreds of channels that seem to be involved in coordinated influence operations about Hong Kong protests.
This closure a few days after Twitter and Facebook managed to dismantle the black campaign.
The operation to spread the hoax is said to originate from China, which aims to discredit demonstrations and protesters in Hong Kong.
YouTube claims not to plan to change its advertising policies. But YouTube, told Reuters, that they would soon expand labeling of government-supported media outlets in the region.
YouTube puts a disclaimer for its services from government-funded networks around the world, including broadcasting Chinese Communist media, namely Xinhua, CCTV and CGTN.
However, it does not include labels for newspapers controlled by Chinese Communists such as People's Daily, China Daily and Global Times, when Reuters found it on Wednesday (8/23/2019).
Social media companies have long established closer relationships with news outlets and politicians around the world.
This social media party hopes that they post their services. In turn, it will attract more users.
However, relations with governments such as the Chinese Communists, which have been criticized for their poor human rights record, have come under the spotlight of users and lawmakers in the United States.
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