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Two Turkish bloggers from Edanur Yildiz (two right) and Elif Kubra (two left) taking a group photo while attending the 480th anniversary of Aceh and Turkey's brotherly relations between Gampong Mulia, Banda Aceh   Artikel ini telah tayang di dengan judul 480 Years of Aceh-Turkish Brotherhood, Formerly Military Relations, Now Culture
Two Turkish bloggers from Edanur Yildiz (two right) and Elif Kubra (two left) taking a group photo while attending the 480th anniversary of Aceh and Turkey's brotherly relations between Gampong Mulia, Banda Aceh
DAILYNEWS The relationship between Aceh and Turkey, which began in the Sultanate and modern times, has experienced ups and downs. The brotherhood of the two nations continues to change according to the needs of the times. After a distance, now relations between Aceh and Turkey began to close again.

Tuesday (8/20/2019) afternoon, the atmosphere of the Tomb of the Baba of Sheikh Baba Daud Ar Rumiy (Tgk Chik Di Leupue) in Gampong Mulia, Banda Aceh, looked crowded. The tomb in the middle of a densely populated settlement is filled with worshipers in whitening clothes, and some of them are Turkish citizens who either come directly from their country or who have settled in Aceh.

They looked solemnly praying and dhikr on the side of the fenced grave. The tomb is where the remains of Sheikh Baba Daud Al Jawiy Ar Rumiy, one of the scholars from Turkey who came to Aceh during the empire. After the joint prayer, there were also assistance to orphans from local residents, as well as remarks from Turkish girls and local residents. The greedy series of activities is a series of 480 years commemoration of the relations of brotherhood between Aceh and Turkey.

The 480th anniversary of the Aceh and Turkey relationship was held by a number of Aceh-Turkish Communities, such as the Turkish Aceh Community Association (Ikamat) and the Turkish PPI in collaboration with the residents of Gampong Mulia. "This event aims to introduce the history of Aceh and Turkey's very close relations. Among the evidence is the many sites of the tombs of scholars from Turkey such as Sheikh Baba Daud Al Jawiy Ar Rumiy," said Teuku Farhan, Coordinator of Activities.

It was not felt, almost four centuries have passed, several generations have changed since the first time the Ottoman Sultanate in Istanbul, Turkey, sending the help of soldiers, teachers, and scholars to Aceh. However, these two generations of different nations whose distances are thousands of kilometers have never forgotten that their ancestors once helped one another on behalf of the Islamic brotherhood.

Looking back a little or more precisely in 1566 AD, the Ottoman Empire under the leadership of Sultan Selim II sent a fleet to Aceh. A number of soldiers, weapons makers, engineers and teachers, along with weapons, were transported to Aceh, in order to expel the Portuguese in the Malacca Strait.

After hundreds of years of passing and the world has changed, Aceh and Turkey returned tightly when the Porch Land of Mecca was hit by the tsunami disaster at the end of 2004. After the devastating disaster, Turkey became one of the countries that sent massive aid to the victims. Some buildings up to settlements built by Turkey also stood in Aceh.

Now, there is no more military assistance and weapons. After humanitarian assistance, relations between Aceh and Turkey have now shifted to the fields of culture, education, and tourism. Dozens of Acehnese children are currently studying at a number of universities throughout Turkey. While some Turkish citizens also become educators in Aceh.

Chairperson of the Turkish Association of Indonesian Students (PPI) from Aceh, Darlis Aziz, said that in the near future the cooperation between the two nations will be carried out in the form of an exhibition of ancient manuscripts in Istanbul, Turkey. The activity aims to introduce history and Aceh to the people of Turkey. According to him, most of the Turkish people did not know Aceh. However, some are concerned in terms of history, they are quite mastered about the relationship between Aceh and Turkey.

In the future, added Darlis, relations between Aceh and Turkey will be increasingly close, because many are being pioneered by the two Muslim regions. In fact, on Eid al-Adha 1440 Hijri a few days ago, the Turkish Government distributed sacrificial meat to hundreds of Acehnese citizens.

The Mayor of Banda Aceh, Aminullah Usman, said that although the current generation had never met Shaykh Baba Daud Rumi directly, the figure better known as Teungku Di Leupue was a teacher for the people of Aceh through the legacy of his work, the Masailal Muhtadi book Lii Ikhwanil Mubtadi. "Indirectly, we are all students of Shaykh Baba Daud Rumi because we have all studied the Book of Masailal Muhtadi Lii Ikhwanil Mubtadi," Aminullah said.
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