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PhpMyAdmin is a web-based software, which usually manages a database. Where PhpMyAdmin is also related to programming languages ​​that are more popular today, PHP. All you need to remember, phpMyAdmin also supports various MySQL operations, ranging from managing databases, tables, then relations, and many others. For beginners who are usually new to the PHP programming world, they like to be confused about how to make php connections that are directly connected to phpmyadmin.

Relax, you don't need to worry, here the author tries to share this tutorial on how to create a database connection in PhpMyadmin.
1. Please run your Xampp Control Panel . Examples are in the picture below:
2. Then open the browser you are free to use what you want. Then type Localhost in the URL in the browser, after that you select PhpMyAdmin.
3. The next step you make is the database name , free to your taste. All you need to remember, the database name must be remembered both the small size of the letter, because this is to connect to the PHP programming language, if it is wrong then an error will occur After finishing naming the database, select create .
4. The next step we will make a connection. Php.
5. Please open sublime text or use notepad ++, then you type the coding syntax, the example is in the picture below:
6. Then you save the file in the xampp / htdocs folder , with Connection.php , then save .
7. The next step is that we will try the connection whether it works or not.
8. Open your browser again , then type in the url with the name:  localhost / Connection.php, if your connection is successful there is a message successfully connected.
Hopefully this simple tutorial is useful for you to need it. Because good science is knowledge that is always shared with others.
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