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For application developers or those who are interested in programming, they are certainly familiar with the name Github . Github is a website specifically for users who want to share their projects and develop their projects together.

Github provides many features for its users, one of which is integration with the Git application that can make it easier for us to clone  or duplicate a content in the Github repository. Here's how to clone the Github Repository using Git.
1. First, make sure that Git is installed on your operating system. To make sure, in your Command Prompt, enter the git command If information appears in the form of a command or use of the Git application, then it can be ascertained that the Git application is available on your operating system.
If Git isn't available on your operating system, then download Git first through the link provided.
2. The next step is to find the Github repository that we want to clone to our directory. In the repository page section, click the Clone or Download button , then copy the link contained in the provided text field.
3. After getting the link , specify the directory location that will later become the destination of the repository that we will  clone . If you have set it, then right-click on your  mouse , then select the Git Bash Here option  Later a new page will appear in the form of a Git application.
4. In the Git application, enter the following command:
Using the above command, we will ask the Github server to send information from the repository link provided.
5. If the link can be read by the Github server , later all files related to the link will be downloaded to the location that we have set previously. The download process length adjusts to the number and size of files contained in the Github repository.
6. If the download process has been completed, later in the destination directory, there will be a directory that has the same name as the name of the repository that we clone . That is, the clone file is  ready for use.

That is the tutorial on how to clone the Github Repository using Git. May be useful.
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