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Apparently there are still many players who cheat in order to win as easily as getting Booyah !, one of them with bold cheat or nge hack by modifying the games are. This article will give an example ofFree Fire games that have been modified, with the aim that Garena can immediately fix the bug.
Free Fire Battlegrounds is a game of survival shooter on Android and iOS. The way to play is that each round will place players on a remote island where 50 players will be pitted, to be the last to survive. Players are free to choose a location to start when getting off the plane, and the goal is only one that is to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible.
In this Free Fire game can be played in several modes , namely Solo mode , Duo mode , and Squad modewhere survivors can form a team of four with their friends.

This method does not require root access No Root ) on your Android, by using VirtualXposed and GameGuardian applications.
What are the features of this Free Fire cheat script ?
Free Fire v1.22.5 Cheat Script ( New )
  • Bypass 105/106
  • White Enemies
  • Walk Hack
  • Speed ​​Hack
  • High Jump Fix
  • Antenna [(Easy find enemy)
  • No fall
  • Night Mode
  • Remove Tree
  • Underground (Fix Error)
  • No root
  • No Reload / Fast Reload
  • Fly (No landing)
  • Fire rate & Damage ++
  • Aimbot
Free Fire Cheat Script v1.22.5 (Can be used in version 1.22.5)
  • Walk Hack
  • Speed ​​Hack
  • High Jump Fix
  • Antenna
  • No fall
  • Night Mode
  • Remove Tree
  • Underground
  • No root
  • No Reload / Fast Reload
Download the application needed below:
GameGuardian v8.63.4 Apk via Zippyshare
GameGuardian v8.63.4 Apk via Mega
(If there is an update notification on VirtualXposed, don't update it , choose cancel )
Note: Please combine the use of this  Free Fire cheat script .

What can be modified in this game ?
Free Fire Modification 1.21.5 v1 
  • Aimbot & Auto Lock Enemy
  • Easy Headshot
  • Body Armor
  • Car Damage
  • Car Armor
  • No Recoil
  • No Map Error
  • Facebook Login
  • No root
  • Anti-tire
 1. Uninstall APK Free Fire Official on your Android first.
2. Download and Install the Modified Free Fire APK version. After installing the Free Fire APK do not play
OBB version:  (Can use the original OBB, but the version must be the same)
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3. Then extract the OBB rar file with the file manager or explorer application , then move the OBB folder and file into the folder / Sdcard / Android / OBB /
  • If your Android does not have sdcard then put the OBB file in internal memory / internal storage / Android / OBB /
  • OBB can use the original default version but the OBB version must be the same as the APK version
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3. Open the Free Fire game , and play the game !
So how to hack / Free Fire game cheat on Android Confused how to install it? Please watch the tutorial video!
This article is only for educational / learning purposes, Hopefully in the future Free Fire can fix this bug and further improve its security.
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