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Photos of men suspected of pimps with 7 women who were secured personnel of Police Criminal Unit Banda Aceh, when re-unraveling the practice of online prostitution from a hotel in Aceh Besar, Wednesday (21/3/2018) night.
BANDA ACEH - Personnel Unit Police Crime Banda Aceh, re-dismantle the practice of online prostitution of a hotel in Aceh Besar, Wednesday (21/3/2018) night.
Disclosure of esek-esek cases via online by the police by securing one man and 7 women.
MRS (27) a man suspected pimp or pimp, police also secured 7 women.
The information was first obtained by Serambi from the chain messages sent via the whatsApp app from one group to another.
Then, Serambi also ensured the truth of the disclosure of esek-esek cases via online to a number of sources in Mapolresta Banda Aceh.
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"True, but reportedly tomorrow, Friday (23/3/2018) around 15:00 will be released officially and media colleagues will certainly be invited," said a source who asked not to be quoted his name.
After making sure the information was correct, the foyer and police source ended the conversation.
Meanwhile, from whatsapp message received by Serambi, it was mentioned that the esek eschetment was started from the report received by the Unit of Protection of Women and Children (PPA) of Police Criminal Unit.
After receiving the report, the investigation began and the officers were deployed to look for the number of Hp MRS suspected of being a pimp in the case of online prostitution.
The MRS phone number was found and the undercover officer was finally involved in the chat via whatsapp with MRS.
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Agreement was reached, after the MRS mentions tariff 'contract' of Rp 2 million for a woman.
Also included sends a number of photos of the faces of the women you want.
Two police officers in disguise was ordered two women with tariff Rp 4 million.
Next according to the agreed schedule, the perpetrator MRS also drove two women to the hotel in Aceh Besar area, using a motorcycle.
Then MRS took the two women into one of the hotel rooms.
The transaction begins with the delivery of Rp 4 million made by the undercover officer.
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After the transaction, the two women were immediately left in the room with two members in disguise.
Then the MRS intends to go home immediately intercepted by the officer who has been alert on the location.
In the disclosure of the online prostitution case, officers secured MRS, a man suspected of pimp or pimp.
Then in the message whatsapp also seen 7 women who participated secured.
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