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Rear Striker FC Barcelona, Luis Suarez (second from right), celebrate the goal his team with Lionel Messi in the action of the Spanish League contra Real Sociedad Anoeta Stadium, San Sebastian, on 14 January 2018.(AFP/Anders Gillenea)

SPORTSO.GA- FC Barcelona wins 1-0 over Atletico Madrid in the Spanish League action last week to the 27th in Camp Nou Stadium, Sunday (4/3/2018).

Azulgrana waiting for the time to organize the festival champion. History reveals that the title of the winner is located in front of the eyes of Lionel Messi and his colleagues. The problem is that

throughout the history of the Spanish League, yet there is a team that failed to become the winner when superior to at least eight points and competition leaves 11 contest.

The New one 21 years) the match between FC Barcelona and Atletico won the master of the house with 1-0 score.

Goal Barcelona printed by Lionel Messi via free punch in minutes to-26.

This results in an unbeatable no Barcelona felt a lot of 34 games deals in La the League. In the period, the stronghold Camp Nou winning 28 victory and six balanced results.

They headed for a matching record Real Sociedad that never falls in 38 consecutive party in the event of the Spanish League on 1980.

Not only that the fact that can make Barcelona fans rejoice. Speak the history of the Spanish League FC Barcelona 100 percent will become kampiun Spanish League 2017-2018 season. Why?

Quoted from Opta Jose, no the club lost the title La League when superior to at least eight points with the second stage when the competition live leaves 11 contest.

This time, Barcelona sit comfortably at the top of the Spanish League klasemen with 69 points.

They are superior eight points over Atletico which is the closest competitors.

If refers to the history, Barcelona will lift up trophy to-25 Spanish League on this season. Ready to celebrate the fans Barcelona? (Septian Tambunan).
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