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Three football players from PSAP Sigli club were sentenced

BANDA ACEH, SPORTSO.GA - Three football players from PSAP Sigli's club were sentenced to six months in prison with a one-year probation period by a panel of judges at the Banda Aceh District Court on Monday (5/3/2018)

The three PSAP Sigli players are Muhammad Kausar bin Zakaria, Nurmahdi bin Nuwardi and Fajar Munandar bin Syamsuddin. At the previous trial these three players were charged with a 3 month prison sentence by the Public Prosecutor.

In a hearing, Supreme Court Justice Supriadi SH said the three were found guilty of committing violent beating and beatings against referee Aidil Azmy who led the match between PSAP Sigli vs Aceh United in the 3 rd League Competition at Dimurtala Stadium, Lampineung Banda Aceh on 18 August 2017.

However, on the verdict, the judges said the defendants did not have to go through a one-year probation.

If within a year the defendants are found guilty of a crime, then the verdict remains in effect.

"Freeing the defendant after the verdict was read out, charging the defendant to pay the Rp 2,000 case fee," said the judge.

Previously, the case of beatings and pengeroyokan referee by the three pemposn PSAP, has been tried by Commission Discipline (Komdis) PSSI Aceh. Based on existing evidence, both photos and videos, these three players were found guilty and sentenced to a 2-year ban for playing PSSI statute.

"This case should be finished, but somehow suddenly this case then came to court based on the report of the referee, we finally went through legal examination and trial until the verdict today," said Fajar Munandar PSAP goalkeeper.

In front of the panel of judges, the three players who were not accompanied by the legal counsel stated to accept the judge's verdict. "We will undergo this punishment, after which we will undergo regular training, while waiting for the duration of sanctions forbidden to play in the competition ended," said Dawn Fajar after following the verdict trial, today.

The same is stated by the family of PSAP players. Nuwardi (65), the father of Nurmahdi, admitted resignation over court verdict for the child. "We accept it, we surrender, whatever the verdict, hopefully this can be a lesson for all parties,"
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